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First Church of Christ, Scientist 2390 W. First Street Fort Myers, FL
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Sunday Service 10:30amWednesday Testimony 12noon

Sunday Service is open to the public, Sunday School is for students up to the age of 20. Wednesday's is a Testimonial Meeting, there is care for young children during Church Service and the Testimonial Meeting. All Are Welcome!

In the Year 2023 Be inspired by Christian Science

Youth resources abound view "Why Church" And thoughts for all connected to our youth and Sunday Schools in today's world. Come sit and be inspired in our Reading Room, join our Church Service or Sunday School or testimonial meetings. Together we are Praying for our world and ourselves.
Listen to the Daily Lift for some inspiration right now!

Reading Room Hours: MON 12-3 - WED 10-12 - FRI 12-3 - SUN 11:30-12pm

The Reading Room offers the community a healing atmosphere for prayer and study and information about Christian Science. The Bible, writings by Mary Baker Eddy, and other literature are available to read, borrow, and purchase. Everyone is welcome. View the shop online or go to Christian Science online for Online services and other church activities

Learn the language of Spirit"Seek him with all thy heart"

Beliefs and teachings of Christian Science Learn of Christian Science or visit a branch church Some direct links for self study and Inspiration: Daily Lift (Christian healing today) Holy Bible KJV Science and Health with Key to the Scripture by Mary Baker Eddy. Concord, A Christian Science Study Resource (also contains the King James Bible, Christian Science Hymnal as well as other works by Mary Baker Eddy) Also feel free to join us for Sunday Service, Wednesday afternoon testimonial meeting, or visit our Christian Science Reading Room located on our church campus. See the "Sunday Service" tab on our home page for times.

2390 W. First Street Email

This Church is located in downtown Fort Myers, next to the Edison Home, off of McGregor Blvd. It has parking on Church grounds or across the street for your convience. Email us at or Call 239-334-6801